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Although Jamaica will always be "home", I believe that moving to the US has allowed me greater flexibility and opportunity to get my music to the masses. After years of fine tuning my musical talents which includes playing guitar, I was discovered by a US talent scout who immediately organized my first tour of the US where my style instantly became a hot commodity. I have many collaborative ventures with world famous recording artist such as Jeff Majors and other entertainers which helped to create that sound that is loved so much by my listening audience.

Having used the alias "Leroy Dracula" to record for Jah Life Records, Twin Brothers, and Limelight Promotions, I produced hits like "No Money Nah Run", "No Jealous Man" and "Mind the Aids". Leroy would then change my name to "KROME" while recording my last album "Sting" for GMusic Group on the Street Katz label , manufactured in the USA by Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Inc.

The album was also named after the mega concert that brings together world famous recording artists from Jamaica, USA and the UK every year. With songs like "Zim Zim", which debut at #100 on the iTunes Ireland music charts, "Down the Alley", "Bust a Flex" and the hit single and title track "Sting", this album is currently being featured in mix-shows and college radio. Air-play on radio stations around the world, and especially blowing up Internet Streaming sites like MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and most Internet retail music stores like Rhapsody, iTunes,, e-Music and Napster to name just a few.

The next album is scheduled was released in fall 2013 featuring my latest single "Midnight Caller", and is poised to surpass the popularity of "Sting" and establish as one of the most consistent hit-makers on the current global music scene.

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